Our Agency Staff

Our company employs care staff that represents the cultural diversity of all individual service users. Many staff can speak more than one language including and are specially trained to help you. It is the responsibility of Mercy Care staff at all levels to show sensitivity, respect and compassionate behaviour when they are engaged in a care task.

They should never compromise the privacy or dignity of the Service User. It is also the responsibility of our staff to treat Service Users, their family and carers with courtesy and respect.

Staff are trained and made aware of the need to respond in a timely way to Service Users or when people experience physical pain, discomfort or emotional distress?

Our staff will respond appropriately to Service Users needs and show concern for the Service User’s wellbeing in a caring and meaningful way.

We will promote compassionate, respectful and empathetic behaviour within the staff team by reinforcing the principles and values that our service is founded upon.

We aim to provide a high standard of care, which is flexible to support all client. We expect all our staff to be polite and helpful always, they should:

  • Be reliable and on time
  • Have clear identification which includes wearing the recognisable Mercy Care Ltd uniform
  • Treat everyone equally, and with respect and dignity
  • Respect a person’s right to privacy and be discreet about their personal affairs
  • Help everyone to express their wishes and make choices for themselves
  • Acknowledge people’s personal beliefs, religion, culture, and
  • Be able to communicate in the language of the person using the services, where necessary.